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three snowflake ornaments are sitting on a wooden table next to cotton floss
Snowflake Wood Slice Decorations | Log Slice Ornament | White and Black Christmas Snowflake | Christmas Tree Hanging | Set of 3 Decorations
a wooden ornament with two bears on it
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three wooden ornaments with pine trees on them
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Christmas decorations, Christmas toys, Rustic Christmas Decor, Modern Christmas, Woode Christmas Decor, Christmas set, Set of Three, Wooden
twelve handmade christmas ornaments with black and white designs on them, hanging from twine strings
Wood Slice Christmas Ornament // Christmas Ornament // Christmas Gift // Personalized Ornament // Stocking Tag // Farmhouse Christmas - Etsy
four wooden slices with reindeer faces and noses on them, hanging from twine strings
Funny Reindeer Wood Slice Christmas Decoration - Etsy UK
Handcrafted wooden slice comical reindeer faces with googly eyes, twisty antlers a pom pom nose. Each slice is approximately 8cm x 1cm but these do vary slightly as they are hand cut from a fallen tree branch. Shown here as hanging decorations, magnet versions are also available. Can be personalised
four wood slices with painted faces are hanging on a string in front of snowflakes
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Handmade Item Celebration: Christmas Primary Colour: White Secondary colour: Wood Room: Living Room, Hallway, Kids, Dining Room Materials: Wood log slice, Jute rope, white paint, orange paint or mint paint or pink paint or lilac paint or blue paint + black pen Size: Approx 8cm wide and 5mm thick
six christmas ornaments are hanging on a table
Christmas Ornaments, Wood Slice Ornaments, Merry Christmas, Christmas Wood Slices, Handpainted Ornaments, Christmas Gift Ideas - Etsy Canada
a wooden ornament with the word noel on it
Noel Wood Slice Christmas Ornament - White with Black Words
small wooden ornaments with snowmen on them
Wood Slice Ornaments
Wood Slice Ornaments: the perfect 30 minutes gift idea that your loved ones will enjoy year after year.
rudolph the reindeer ornament made out of wood slices and glittery paint on it
Add Some Magic to Your Christmas Decor with this DIY Rudolph Wood Slice Ornament