Annegret Soltau. More

I like this as i think its unusual and captures the viewers attention. It also fits my theme of Power as in this picture the sim card is powering the person acting as a brain.


Spontaneous and Realistic Black and White Pencil Portraits

Black and white portraits series.I try to create an image that retains the freshness of the first paint stroke, and to find the union between spontaneity and realism.

Cian McLoughlin. Painter.

Cian McLoughlin is one of Ireland’s foremost figurative painters. Not only does he use paint to capture a likeness but he also marshals its tactile, malleable properties to convey the turmoil, the joys - the cumulative impact of a life lived.

>broken2< by molz66, via Flickr

You have two choices, to control your mind or to let your mind control you. ____ Paulo Coelho Liked this one for the mood it sets.

S A M S A R A - Jesse Draxler | Tumblr

S A M S A R A - Jesse Draxler This piece inspires me because there is a simple tonal portrait in the background, but the artist has used expressive strokes with a similar tone of paint layered above which makes the piece more eye catching.