buttons in  a jar....

laundry room decor - buttons in a jar (i could spare some of my collection for a cute laundry room display. if i had a cute laundry room.


♅ Dove Gray Home Decor ♅ exquisite art photo by lucysnowephotography on etsy


If you need to be inspired, this is the link to do it with. Elise Valdorcia's amazing detail and talent is inspiring. Detail of faded patina, gold leaf and special blue by Elise Valdorcia


Hand written love letters from a guy is the most precious thing to any female. It doesn't matter if their hand writing is in readable, it's a love letter, one that they give to you.

Love this planter!

19th Century French Revival Cast Iron Planter

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Fall Blues

I have some dried up poppy seeds pods I want to experiment with and incorporate into mix media arts some how. It would make either a interesting organic stamp or paint and alter into an embellishment?