Would love to stay here - what a great reading chair. Oyster Catcher holiday rental in Mousehole Cornwall Unique Stays 16

Mart Kleppe❣️~ Style By Gj *~

☆ Natural wood, light colors, clay pot, feminine flowers, very nice Belgian styled living room

There is a style of interior decorating that for me remains a perennial favourite and at it's heart is essentially French. Armoires in chal...

Linen, white wash, grey and cream.grain sacks, vintage linen and French styled mirror in a stunning grey wash - love the chunky table lamps - The Paper Mulberry: Essentially French!

A room to chill in by AM Design (one of my favourite Belgian design companies) -

Shabby Chic

Vintage Farmhouse, Shabby Vintage, Modern Farmhouse, White Decor, Country Living, It Was, Charm

Modern farmhouse living room by Eleanor Cummings with stone fireplace, light blue antique painted cabinet wardrobe, and linen sofa

Farmhouse Style: Modern French Farmhouse {Eleanor Cummings}

A dream tour of a French influenced modern farmhouse with interiors by Eleanor Cummings and architecture by Kirby Mears.


Farmhouse Style: Modern French Farmhouse {Eleanor Cummings}


White Rooms, Country Style, Family Room, Chandeliers, Sofas