Surrealist work from Tommy Ingberg

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Photo Manipulations by Anja Stiegler

Photo Manipulations by Anja Stiegler. This is a creative photo. The picture of the guy lines up perfectly with the collar of the shirt. I like how the guy is tearing a photo of his face apart. The background makes his face and shirt stand out.

Photo Manipulation Artist Robert Rickhoff Imagines Life 'Out Of Place' (click for slideshow)

Life Out Of Place

Photograph by: Anja Stiegler

Surreal Photography by Anja Stiegler

Torn by Tommy Ingberg, Sweden. Concept: 'Today I work predominantly with black and white, surrealistic photo montages. I do my photography in a studio as well as out in the field, and then combine the source material into images on the computer. My pictures start off with a feeling, a story, a riddle for the viewer to think about. I strive for simple, scaled back compositions with few elements, where every part adds to the story, but where there are still gaps for the viewer to fill.'

The Lumen Prize 2012 for digital fine art: shortlisted images

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Photography by Robert Rickhoff

This series of photography manipulations by German photographer Robert Rickhoff is named "Out Of Place". Robert start with usual photographs taken around t

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