♥ Schiaparelli gloves - NEED! ♥

Schiaparelli Gloves - 1938 - by Elsa Schiaparelli - Monkey fur (yuk!) with black suede leather - The Los Angeles County Museum of Art - Mlle

Valentino gloves

Valentino Spring 2009 Runway Pictures

Schiaparelli red painted finger nail gloves

Unfortunately these are being copied at the moment by everyone, thinking they are unique! Original idea by Schiaparelli red painted finger nail gloves

Guantes de Elsa Schiaparelli - 1939 - Bordado por Lesage, París -  Museo de arte de Filadelfia-  www.dressed4success.net/2014/06/elsa-schiaparelli-my-weakness-of-haute.html

Schiaparelli Gloves - Fall 1939 - Design by Elsa Schiaparelli - Embroidered by Lesage, Paris- Philadelphia Museum of Art - Mlle