1960's Princeton

'Take Ivy' brings readers back to the golden age of Princeton style, 'True Prep' brings them up to date

Tartan plaids became popular fashion for men. Khaki-colored trousers, called chinos, were worn for casual wear. And also the Ivy League sweater

The Mod Style

The mid Mod style was influenced by pop art which took everyday items out of their normal context and made them into something entirely stylistic. This was most vibrantly expressed by The Who with their symbolic use of arrows, Union Jack jackets and

Men's fashion in the 1960s was a bit less notable than women's, but was still part of the culture.

These gentlemen are wearing suits that are similar to those of the the only differences are that the ties, lapels, and pants get skinner.

The Who

Who "The Who" Keith Moon Roger Daultry Pete Townsend John Entwhistle…

60's mens fashion, the hair cut and the relax tee under blazer

The Rolling Stones - Satisfaction (I Can't Get No) The Rolling Stones - (I Can't Get No) Satsfaction (Live) The Rolling Stones performing "(I Can't Get No)