Richard Gere in "American Gigolo" great men's fashion, this movie launched Giorgio Armani in the american market. #NMArtofFashion

Photos: The 25 Most Fashionable Films in Hollywood

From Richard Gere’s Armani-clad languor in American Gigolo to Diane Keaton’s Annie Hall whimsy, a wardrobe check of Hollywood’s 25 most fashionable films.

John Taylor- 80's fashion Heck yeah, I sported pleated pants like that.

John Taylor of Duran Duran, looking especially fine in his fashions. Ray Bans, generous cut shirt in drape material, biggish hair.

Nick Knight - Skinhead. 1982 | 1980's | arrest | police | the bird | the finger | rude boy | tattoo | conformist | rebel | rebellion | reckless | delinquent |

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Mods and Rockers rioting at the seaside, mini-skirts marking the sexual revolution and Punk’s ‘fuck you’ to Thatcher: this is how style changed Britain

Giorgio Armani, Los Angeles magazine, April 1989. Photograph by Aldo Fallai.

Giorgio Armani, Los Angeles magazine, April 1989 - I told you it woz a good idea to get matching suits Gerrard there's someone taking our photo. Yeah you were right sheila.

Armani1984  In his 1989 menswear campaign this synergy and unique relationship produced some of Armani’s most distinct imagery. Without a location, props, or extras to stage a narrative, Fallai evoked what was inherent in the clothes and only in the clothes in order to tell the story.

from Giorgio Armani's 1989 menswear campaign photographed by Aldo Fallai