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Free EP from UK Hip-Hop phenomenon Lunar C Angel Haze, Music Artwork, School Art Projects, Mixtape, About Uk, Hip Hop, My Arts, Album, Free

Sewer Side Sex, by Lunar C

Sewer Side Sex by Lunar C, released 21 September 2012 1. SSS (lispy intro) 2. Stomping Ground (Yonabout?!) 3. WY Kings ft Jack Flash, WYdeboi & ExP 4. Pass It Round ft Chief Wigz 5. WY Freestyle on Angel Haze "New York" instrumental 6. Obstacles ft Dot Rotten 7. Jesus Swag 8. Reality Check 9. Radio 1 Freestyle (explicit) 10. Bozo ft Minas 11. DooLally ft JME 12. Must Do That ft Chief Wigz Sewer Side Sex mixtape by Lunar C is brought to you by Sinoptic Music Artwork by…

Latest studio album from UK Hip-Hop sensation Shotty Horroh Hip Hop Artists, About Uk, Joker, Album, Bands, Fictional Characters, Studio, Music, Musica

Xombie Xoo, by Shotty Horroh

Xombie Xoo by Shotty Horroh, released 31 August 2013 1. Flesh Eating Dead Walking 2. Give A Ohh 3. Whats The Hurry Ft. JME & Tyler Daley 4. My Old Stereo 5. No Need To Talk 6. FYM Featuring Illatant & Black Josh 7. Buckle Up Featuring. Briggz 8. They Don't Understand Ft. Flexplict & Tyler Daley 9. 1 UP Featuring Illatant & DRS 10. Seems Like 11. Séance Featuring. D'Lyfa Reilly 12. SABOD Featuring Wordz 13. One With Ya 14. Spaced Up

Studio album from UK Hip-Hop underground mainstay Daysta Hip Hop Fashion, About Uk, Album, Studio, Hip Hop Style, Studios, Studying, Card Book

Daysta - The Listener, by Daysta

Daysta - The Listener by Daysta, released 29 March 2013 1. The Listener 2. Ghost 3. U Betta 4. Pressure Mounting ft T.K.Diz [Beat By Brownchild] 5. Hip Hop Aholic ft Mr Demic 6. Street Trip ft Mr Demic 7. Wickedness 8. Alien 9. H.A.P.P.Y. 10. Swaggless ft Mr Demic [Beat By Existence][Cutz By Mr Demic] 11. Madverse 12. Dark Clouds ft T.K. Diz & Mr Demic[D-Mic Remix] 13. I'm Sorry The Listener is Daysta's 2nd album with D-mic-productions.It is an eclectic mix of HipHop styles and…

UK Hip-Hop star and Don't Flop co-founder Cruger I Am Alone, Lazy, Hip Hop, Superhero, Movie Posters, Fictional Characters, Star, Im Alone, Im Lonely


CRUGER THE LAZY EP, released 12 March 2011 1. Selfish 2. Lazy 3. Do Nothin' 4. Make Room 5. Write Whatever Pops Into Your Mind Type Shit 6. Aristocrats 7. Keep It Surreal 8. Go With The Flow 9. Croogah 10. Awkward 11. Do Not Disturb lazy boy wont even get up to rip shop

EP from UK Hip-Hop artist and battle rapper Mr 13 Mike B, Hip Hop Artists, About Uk, Rapper, Battle, Self, Medical, Couple, Free

Self Medicated, by Mr 13 (Firts)

Self Medicated by Mr 13 (Firts), released 13 December 2012 1. 1.Put That On Everything (Prod By Mike B) 2. 2.Mic And A Beat (Prod By Pro P) 3. 3.Slow It Down (Prod By Wizard) 4. 4.Keep Grinding (Prod By Charlie Mac) 5. 5.Harry The Hater (Prod By 7th Dan) 6. 6.Green Pt2 (Prod By 7th Dan) A 6 Track EP From Artist/Radio Presenter/Battle Rapper Mr 13. Mr 13 ends 2012 with his 3rd EP of the year 'Self Medicated'.

Album from Don't Flop rising star Ogmios Money Machine, Lions, Rap, Battle, Picnic, Hip Hop, Singer, Album, Movie Posters

The Last Picnic, by Ogmios

The Last Picnic by Ogmios, released 01 June 2011 1. What's Inside? 2. Storm on the Sea feat.Singer Blue 3. King Slim feat.Singer Blue 4. Hemp Seed 5. Magic Money Machine feat. Singer Blue 6. Cut Throat Jake 7. Lion's Den feat. Singer Blue 8. Salamander feat. Constance Dalrymple, Singer Blue and Freedom 9. Rhyme Duple feat. Themlot

Latest in a long list of great releases from UK producer Wizard Beats Old Music, Mixtape, About Uk, Beats, Hip Hop, Songs, Hiphop, Music

Gems, by Wizard

Gems by Wizard, released 01 March 2020 1. Never Said Anything 2. Turn (feat. Myth) 3. My Money 4. Booty Shake (feat. Ido) 5. At All 6. Whitney 7. Eye (feat. Dane Jurous) 8. Puerto 9. U & I (feat. Break) 10. Venga (feat. Alive Muzik) 11. Luv 12. Dashin' (feat. Kollux) If you liked my older music this is for you! This mixtape is a collection of songs from 2014-2017. I found an old hard drive with tons of beats on there, some finished, some just ideas that needed a bit of work. So I just picked…

First official studio release from battle rapper Killa Impact Best Rapper, Busy At Work, Freedom Of Speech, Hip Hop Artists, New Music, Troops, Battle, Studio, Studios

Rhymeology, by Killa Impact AKA The Heretic

Rhymeology by Killa Impact AKA The Heretic, released 13 November 2013 1. Intro 2. Warpath 3. Freedom Of Speech (Produced By Phat Records) 4. Around Here (produced By Wizard) 5. Right At Home (Produced By Catalyst) 6. Get To Know Feat Tekneek and Tenchoo (Produced By Pro P) 7. Burn 8. Rhymeology Feat Phili N Dotz (Produced By Wizard) 9. Devilish (Produced By Catalyst) 10. Heretic II (Produced By Shane and Impact) 11. Transcend Feat Lucid Troops (Produced By Shane and Impact) "Rhymeology" is…

First full album from UK battle rap sensation Micky Worthless Cry Now, Worthless, Debut Album, About Uk, My Heart, Rap, Battle, Hip Hop, Hiphop

You Bodied My Heart... You Fucking Whore, by Micky Worthless

You Bodied My Heart... You Fucking Whore by Micky Worthless, released 19 April 2013 1. Smells Like Cheap Perfume (Coleen's Revenge) 2. Sunset In Slagsville 3. She's Beautiful, You're A Wanker/ Pamela 4. I Love You And I Want To Be With You 5. A Lot Of Pussy And Drugs 6. Colour Code Everything/ I'm Not Crying Now 7. You Love Me And You Want To Be With Me 8. #Slaggro/ Jefferson 9. Dickheads For Friends 10. I Don't Care What You Think Unless It Is About Me 11. All Of This/ All Of It the long…

Great mixtape from UK underground Hip-Hop artist Micall ParkNsun Underground Hip Hop Artists, Freedom Fighters, Mixtape, About Uk, Interview, Album, Card Book

The Interview Mixtape, by Micall Parknsun

The Interview Mixtape by Micall Parknsun, released 22 July 2013 1. Intro 2. Tha Shit 3. Man Ain't Ready 4. Acknowledge It 5. Some How 6. Starving Freestyle 7. Feed Billy ( Feat. Billy Brimstone ) 8. The Inevitable ( Feat. Skriblah & Diam Ruff ) 9. Rice & Peas ( Feat. Dubbledge, Asaviour & Jehst ) 10. No Dough Freestyle 11. I Don't Wanna Stay Here ( LG Remix ) 12. The Judderman 13. Movement 14. Da Struggle ( Feat. Jehst ) 15. Fridaynight Tek-A-Way 16. Don't Talk ( Feat. Humurak D. Gritty )…

Free album from Don't Flop veteran Matter Hip Hop, Album, Stitch, Leeds, Free, Full Stop, Hiphop, Stitching, Sew

the stitch up, by matter

the stitch up by matter, released 22 September 2011 1. leodis intro feat. saju 2. sub low swag 3. power up 4. stitched up feat. trellion, jack danz and prys 5. 6 minutes dub 6. if i was 7. 100 bullets (no reprisals) 8. chicks on the dancefloor feat. joe snow and lego 9. afghani hash feat. emmy dubz 10. rewind feat. emmy dubz 11. hands to the sky feat. sage 12. light my way 13. winter kills feat. flex digits and psychosis holocaust 14. opposite 15. cup of life

Latest album from top tier Don't Flop veteran Matter Lady Parts, Latest Albums, Hip Hop, This Or That Questions, Top, Hiphop

Greasy Spoon Rendezvous, by matter

Greasy Spoon Rendezvous by matter, released 10 October 2013 1. Early bird special 2. Pressure 3. Don't be a hero 4. Binzer 3000 5. Greasy spoon rendezvous 6. Forky jack move 7. Digital slag (Blink twice) 8. Money and gold 9. Blue stilton 10. C.H.O.P 11. For the ladies (Part 2) If you've been to a rendezvous before then you will know what to expect, maybe. if not then you are in for a real treat.. Hosted by Vodka Glock, this encounter will be provocative to some and yet as natural to others…

Debut album from Don't Flop veteran Pamflit (aka Taylor Adams) Lyrics Meaning, Debut Album

Judge A CD, by Taylor Adams aka pamflit

Judge A CD by Taylor Adams aka pamflit, released 28 August 2012 1. nIntro (produced by Raidan) 2. Walk Alone (produced by Lokane) 3. Closher (produced by Lokane) This is 3 of 9 Tracks available. Basically, I done alot of unpaid hard work for you guys that enjoy me battles, and purchasing this album, selling it to your friends, is the best pay back you could ever give me. I did this to give a little more and get a little back. I really hope you enjoy it, stick with it and listen, I promise…

Second studio album from former Don't Flop star Pamflit (aka Taylor Adams) Hip Hop, Album, Star, Studio, Music, Life, Musica, Musik, Hiphop

Wow Thats What I Call Music, by Taylor Adams

Wow Thats What I Call Music by Taylor Adams, released 27 October 2012 1. Intro Feat. Bowski 2. Digitally Started Feat. Cedric James Hinchliffe (Prod. Pro P) 3. Inbetween The Stars (Prod. Blizzard) 4. Something Worthwhile (Prod. Hines) 5. 80's Baby's (Prod. Pro P) 6. Bored (Prod. Pro P) 7. After The Lights Feat. Natty Beatts (Prod. Inspecta Morze) 8. Somebody's In Love (Prod. Pro P) 9. Purple Forrest (Prod. Inspecta Morze) 10. Only You (Prod. Mixla) 11. That's Love That's Life (Prod. Pro P)…

All the Will-Powerz beats from 'Volition', plus a few extra bonus items all for only Beats, Hip Hop, Instruments, Album, Life, Hiphop, Musical Instruments, Tools, Card Book

Volition: The Instrumentals, by Will-Powerz

Volition: The Instrumentals by Will-Powerz, released 13 November 2013 1. Volition Intro INSTRUMENTAL 2. All Bars, No Hooks INSTRUMENTAL 3. The Mirror INSTRUMENTAL 4. Powerz-Will INSTRUMENTAL 5. Can't U See? INSTRUMENTAL 6. Only The Good INSTRUMENTAL 7. Hands Of Time INSTRUMENTAL 8. A Simple Life INSTRUMENTAL 9. Restraint INSTRUMENTAL 10. Built For This (Dragon) INSTRUMENTAL 11. Go Hard Or Get Out INSTRUMENTAL 12. Volition Outro INSTRUMENTAL 13. Apologise To The Rice 2.0 Listen to every…