DIY Volkswagen Caddy Camper Conversion

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INSTALLING FLOORING Into Your VW Caddy Maxi Micro Camper - Will's Van Adventures
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Lanyard Hack to open the rear doors on you Volkswagen Caddy!
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CLAD Your VW Caddy Camper With Tongue & Groove Cladding!
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VW Caddy Camper - Why We Put Carpeting Between The Barn Doors & B Pillars! - Will's Van Adventures
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What's the cost to convert a Volkswagen caddy into a campervan?
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Micro Camper Van Conversion - Insulate your VW Caddy Maxi for UNDER £100!
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Using flood boards from Wickes to create a nicer floor in the van.
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We decided to paint the cladding white in the Volkswagen caddy.
Volkswagen caddy maxi camper conversion progress.
Difficulty: Medium
Cladding the wheel boxes on the Volkswagen caddy camper.
Cladding the roof of the Volkswagen caddy maxi camper.
Cladding a Volkswagen caddy maxi with tongue and groove cladding.
Creating a wood panelled ceiling using tongue and groove cladding.
Cladding the ceiling using wood from wickes
Cladding the walls in the Volkswagen caddy camper using 9mm wood from Wickes.
Building a frame for the cladding is essential.
Pulling the tape off the windows.
Carpeting with 4 way stretch carpet.
Using 4 way stretch carpet to make the barn doors nicer.
Carpeting the rear barn doors with 4 way stretch carpet.
Cutting down the bulkhead to fill the b pillars on the Volkswagen caddy camper van conversion.
Carpeting the rear archway on the Volkswagen caddy camper #volkswagen #caddycamper
Using thermawrap to create a condensation barrier inside the caddy camper van conversion.
Using recycled bottle plastic for the insulation.
New plywood flooring in a Volkswagen caddy van conversion.
Volkswagen caddy van conversion