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a curved wooden bench sitting in the middle of a parking lot next to some bushes
Sheldon Curved Timber Topped Bench - SBN307
The Sheldon Bench SBN307 is a custom curved benching solution to fit seamlessly to areas with curved landscapes. The vertically slatted timber or recycled bench top bench top can be made to any length or radius and the plinth mounted framework is a great choice for customers wanting a simple installation method (no foundations necessary).
a wooden bench sitting next to a tree on top of a stone floor covered in mulch
Segmental bench RADIANO
One of our bestsellers - segmental bench RADIANO! 🤗 You can make it into a circle, or form curves by the variable connection of curved and straight parts. 😏 | architecture, landscape and urbanism architecture, design, gardening, garden design, gardening supplies, planting, plants, landscaping, travel, furniture, public places
two benches sitting next to each other in front of a window
VIA bench
two people sitting next to each other in front of a clock
Iconos gratuitos de Sala De Espera diseñados por Freepik
the instagram page for instagram is shown with an image of a bed and mirror
The colors in Ana De Santos' renderings | Collater.al
two people sitting on orange benches in an open area with plants and potted trees
Raiffeisen TechCenter Offices - Omsk | Office Snapshots
an empty waiting area with benches and tables
Inside Pageant Media’s Cool New London Office
many people are sitting on the stairs in an office building with laptops and papers
York University Learning Commons / LGA Architectural Partners
several people are sitting on the stairs in an auditorium with green carpet and white walls
d’houndt+bajart transforms dunkirk's beaux-arts museum into a new media library
a pink bed sitting on top of a wooden platform
Le Refuge: The Most Instagrammed Thing at Milan Design Week
the large white sculpture has four leaves on it's top and is in front of a blue sky
Public art - tensile fabric Leaves Canopy for Park, Community, Square etc
an outdoor play area with two benches and a swing set in the middle of it