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Hey salut les internautes !! Aujourd'hui, parlons tatouages! oui cet art qui se dessine sur la peau !!... Vous êtes peut être pour ou contre ...mais pour ceux qui sont...

Ankles are visually enchanting, and with an ankle bracelet tattoos design, it would look even more delicate, creating interest among many. The legs have always…

Unique ankle bracelet tattoos | tattoos, Ankle bracelet tattoos are the perfect accessories for women who wish to spark men’s interest either barefooted on the beach or in sexy heels. Description from I searched for this on

Ankle tattoo for women , beautiful ankle tattoo designs ideas for pretty women . Try these modern ankle tattoos and look charming .

Lace Tattoo designs9

Lacy dresses and closets and (not to get naughty) but exotic Lace Tattoos Designs and Ideas as well are a great idea to shock him on your wedding night.


the hummingbird teaches us to hover in the moment . to appreciate its sweetness My birthday gift to my amazing friend ! Happy Birthday, my darling! Made with all my love~ The logo was stylized of.