British Airways poster

British Airways logo evolution

British Airways Concorde: "Fastest Than The Speed Of Sound: Breakfast In London ~ Dinner In New York." (BA Advertisement for Concorde.

British Airways

British Airways starts new routes to Zagreb, Rotterdam and Leeds Bradford this .UKZAMBIANSThis Sunday, December, British Airways will start its new Heathrow services to Zagreb, Rotterdam and Leeds Bradford.

British Airways tails

A stowaway has reportedly plunged to his death after falling from a British Airways plane onto a London sho.

British Airways logo 1997

British Airways logo evolution

British Airways logo 1997 - Designed by Newell & Sorell (since merged with Interbrand). “The BA ribbon is a distant echo of the Speedbird symbol first used by Imperial Airways in 1932 and then by BOAC.” (Quoted from Logo.

British Airways cabin crew 1992 - 2004. We were so excited about this uniform! Looks soooooooo dated now but it was worn for 12 years

British Airways cabin crew 1992 - 2004 (Designer: Paul Costelloe) I loved this uniform especially the scarf and hat!

British Airways uniform 1985-1992

British Airways uniform Ohhh how I remember wearing this one !

In 1985 Roland Klein designed the British Airways uniforms, which included a striped polyester two-piece set, a blue leather belt, and a midnight blue blazer.

Airline Style Through the Years

British Airways uniforms, designed by Roland Klein in included a silk-look polyester jacquard tunic with blue leather belt and midnight blue blazer. And plenty of platinum braid for the flight crew.

British Airways, Commercial

British Airways uniform 2005-present

British Airways uniform 2005-present