Chicken Nuggets! Chicken Nuggets!

Healthy Baked Chicken Nuggets by skinnytaste: calories/serving. Thanks to Rebecca Silbermann who made this yummy, healthy dinner for all of us : ) Chicken_Nuggets skinnytaste

ice cream! ice cream! ice cream!

classic vanilla ice cream sandwich recipe 1 cup white flour - cup cocoa - 1 tsp baking soda - tsp baking powder - tsp salt - 1 cup sugar - cup softened butter - 1 egg - Tub of vanilla ice cream, or any other of your choice

tacos, tacos and more [yummy] tacos.

I Mexican food. And by Mexican food I mean real Mexican food, not that Taco Bell garbage. It gets on my nerves when people insist Taco Bell is real Mexican food.

fries fries fries.... wheres the ketchup?

College Gloss: How to Make Guilt-Free Fries. I think these would be awesome with some fresh rosemary sprinkled on top!

Galbi Short Ribs

Sizzling Galbi Short Ribs served with Bubbling Hot Tofu Soup