love! this is ombre and braids done right

It’s just a regular braid, but instead of taking 3 equal sized pieces like you do in a normal braid, you just make one piece smaller than the other. U can see how one section is smaller in the braid if you look @ the top photo.

waterfall braid

French Side Braid: Brush hair to one side. Take a piece from the opposite side and pull into a braid. Take another piece and add to the braid. continue until no hair is left.

Again, it looks like it'd be hard to do, but the video tutorial really walks you through it and takes away the "hardness" of the braid...another great look for school photos. Another idea: you could place flower pins, colored ribbon throughout to match an outfit of choice and it'd be great for Easter, Church, etc.

Today's new addition regarding hairstyle is hair braid. Hair braid can be made of different styles. Here are Some photos of braided hairs for you girls.

tye-dye hair tips

The reality star Lauren Conrad has tie-dyed the tips of her hair! As seen above on the left, she did a hybrid dip dye/tie dye hair color c.

skeleton fishtail

The mermaid braid is a fun and easy braid that is really similar to a regular french braid! In a mermaid braid you take small sections of hair to the sides of the braid rather than a chunk of hair.


Designer Erin Fetherston rockin’ her signature blonde braids. What I Wore: Erin Fetherston Fall 2011

Pretty Side French Braid

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