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a white rabbit with polka dots on it's ears sitting in front of a yellow background
easter bunny - wendy kendall designs - freelance surface pattern designer
a notebook with unicorns on it and stars in the sky above them, which reads'jennyfer hokins illustrations '
Personalised Stationery
a book with an image of birds on the cover and text that reads,'bird in flight '
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Crime Novels by Anna Kövecses on Creativitea
a drawing of a person hugging a rabbit
On my bookshelf...Dear Bunny
Dear Bunny is a wonderful little book about being grateful for the things we have, big or small. Written by Katie Cotton and beautifully i...
an illustration of giraffes, zebras and other animals in the jungle
Children's watercolor book art and illustration, kids animal book watercolor illustration
an open children's book with pictures of animals
"Completely guilty of buying nieces and nephews books based on illustration and design only @annakovecses #onethousandthings #wideeyededitions" Photo taken by @michelle_thegaleriefitzroy on Instagram, pinned via the InstaPin iOS App! (12/27/2015)
there's a tiger in the garden by lily stewart and illustrated by lizy stewart
It's Spring! Let's read books!
There’s a Tiger in the Garden by Lizzy Stewart (Frances Lincoln Childrens Books) We love this new book from the very talented illustrator Lizzy Stewart. The story follows a young girl called Nora as she searches for the tiger in her Grandma’s garden. It is a fantastic book (and work of art!) that illustrates the wild world of kid’s imaginations...
the cover of neon leon illustrated by julia blitt - teksnap
Neon Leon - Neon Leon, a picture book by Jane Clarke and Britta Teckentrup, is reviewed for My Book Corner by Leisa Stewart-Sharpe.