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an image of christmas trees and leaves on a blue background with red berries, green leaves, and other foliage
christmas 2018 part 2 - wendy kendall designs - freelance surface pattern designer
wendy kendall designs – freelance surface pattern designer » christmas 2018 part 2
an illustrated calendar with numbers and animals on the front, in different colors and shapes
merry christmas!
dottywrenstudio: merry christmas!
a christmas ornament with the words have yourself merry little christmas
advent ...day24
dottywrenstudio: advent ...day24
a drawing of a christmas tree with the number 23 on it's bottom half
a white christmas card with a cartoon animal next to a tree and bird on a string 22
dottywrenstudio: 22
christmas ornaments are hanging from the ceiling with stars and stripes around them on a black and white background 21
dottywrenstudio: 21
a white clock tower sitting in the middle of a snow covered night with trees and buildings
advent 20
dottywrenstudio: advent 20
a white swan is standing in the snow with stars on it's head and number 19 19
dottywrenstudio: 19
dottywrenstudio: 18 Arte Doodle, Illustration Noel, Christmas Advent Calendar, Christmas Advent, Christmas Inspiration 18
dottywrenstudio: 18
three christmas trees with stars and confetti on them, all in different colors
advent ... day 17
dottywrenstudio: advent ... day 17
three christmas trees with the number sixteen hanging from it's sides and stars around them 16
dottywrenstudio: 16
an owl is standing in the rain and it's number fifteen on its face 15
dottywrenstudio: 15
a drawing of a rabbit holding a sweater in front of snowflakes and trees 14
dottywrenstudio: 14
an animal with stars on it's head and the number thirteen in front of it 13
dottywrenstudio: 13
a polar bear wearing a hat and sweater with the number twelve on it's chest
advent .....Day 12
dottywrenstudio: advent .....Day 12