angry bird plush

Obsessively Stitching: Make it for YOU DIY plush angry birds tutorials printables

ugly doll ceramics

They may be "ugly", but the characters from Uglydoll are simply irresistible in their adorably eccentric appeal. These quirky critters hold your tea, coffee or hot chocolate with life and originality.

Nut Free Chocolate and almost soy free. They are made with soya lecithin. They sell candy, chocolate chips, and cocoa powder. I use the cocoa powder in my coffee, to make hot cocoa, and in my baking. It is so much better than off the shelf chocolate that I stopped craving candy bars and other junk chocolate.

Fabulous company that makes chocolate (novelty candies, bars, baking chocolates, melting chocolates.) in a factory free of all nuts.perfect for my peanut allergic child.

Willow Tree Happiness Angel FiguriE

2012 President's Day Thrift store shopping in Kokomo with Aunt Nita and Aunt Kathy. Strombolis for lunch. We missed Aunt Bert and Tammy BUT it gives us the perfect excuse to do it again (and soon). Homemade gumbo at Bryan's.

Camille Beckman Lotions

I'll Dye If I Want To: Camille Beckman Glycerine Hand Therapy Lotion