British and American English…because if I'm going to be in love with Brits I'd better know the lingo

British and American English…

Funny pictures about British and American English. Oh, and cool pics about British and American English. Also, British and American English.

Ah the stubborness of us Brits always puts a smile on my face.

British vs Irish Hah, read all of it. :) the last line is the best part

How accurate is this.I'm not British btw.

British vs. American English: 63 Differences

American English: 63 Differences // Diferencias entre inglés Americano e inglés Británico

All true. “You look like you had fun last night!” – You look like you slept in a bin.

61 British Sentences That Will Confuse The Fuck Out Of Everyone Else

All true.

VeryBritishProblems on

Again, all true

VeryBritishProblems on

I THINK IM BRITISH <----- OH yes! I do everything apart from umber two! Coincidentally, my mother's side is full on British^^^this is me in a nutshell

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