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"Why do I feel like this when I'm around buttercup?"

Butch ponder something now He experienced some events that he not like most of the teenagers crazy, He knows how to think and reflect whe.

ANGRY by MOUCHbart on DeviantArt

A Shojo AU where Brick and Blossom are siblings, but everyone else ain& related with each other. wwww In this scene, Butch and Blossom go to the same prestigious school while Brick goes to a norma.

The Xyristis Family by macciii on DeviantArt

The Xyristis Family Father/ Papa: Boomer He is the head of the navy. They serve as the second stage of reaping. If the rebels still refuse to be silenced despite the first stage, the Xyristis Famil.

The Forer Family by macciii on DeviantArt

The Forer Family Father/ Papa: Butch He is the head of the armies on lands. The Forer Family

The Frassino Family by macciii on DeviantArt

The Frassino Family Father/Papa: Brick He is the head of the air force. His family will serve as the final stage of reaping, total annihilation.

I like .....( butchercup) by Eistaneyu on DeviantArt

the blues has come ~ Boomubbles is cute I had to admit and seem to be the most sweetest couple of PPG ships yet it's still not my cup of tea much but I really like the idea of them as besties thoug.

I like.... ( boomubbles) by Eistaneyu on DeviantArt

this is p much the whole plot of ppgr& poorbucks lmao its only a shitty, super sonic speed sketch which i will color. never& much later cuz comics take forever for me to draw ahahaha b.