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Chevron is all the rage right now. I created this scarf to add a little dimension to the plain chevron. A little white window frames the dark color as the white zigs and zags the length of the scarf. Choose high contrast colors to get the best effect.

Crochet Bikini Set PDF Vintage Pattern 278 from by wonkyzebra, $3.00

PDF Crochet Pattern For Retro Beach Wear - Crochet Pants (Shorts), Bra and Cover Up Jacket

Vintage Crochet Pattern WZ007 Choker [Necklace 1003] from WonkyZebra pattern WZ007  Fab, do-it-your-self jewelry in true “70’s style and spirit “; their take on Victoriana!  Quick easy projects with lots of creative variations and inspiration.  from $3 ( with free extra choker pattern too)

Vintage Crochet Choker Necklace Patterns from WonkyZebra

crochet bikini from WonkyZebra on Etsy. pattern PDF WZ098 $3 from

For you Lou! (via Vintage Crochet Pattern 100 PDF French Green Bikini by wonkyzebra)