'The xx' are really just a British band called 'The'.

19 Tumblr Posts That Are Never Not Funny For British People

The Red guy in DHMIS is Harry. Abd all throughout the school assignment, I referred to him as the red guy. So did ny teacher

No, I have a collection of kettles. 2 for everyday use. Proper way to make tea. I'm an American.

Is this true, America? WTF is wrong with you? We put a friggin tea kettle on our wedding registry years ago and we still have that tea kettle and we still use it regularly! It has a permanent hone atop our stove.

I had this fox in my neighborhood who just walked into the jiffy store like, every other day and looked around and left and everyone was cool with it...good times..

I don't see anything wrong with this. It's just a fox making a withdrawal! I DO, however, have a problem with the diaper on the sign above the ATM. or whatever the hell it is.

British television at its finest XD

British television at its finest - I gotta say there are a lot of fine aspects to my culture!

You can find English humour everywhere

Funny pictures about Rain for 40 days. Oh, and cool pics about Rain for 40 days. Also, Rain for 40 days.

And why this is so funny. | 23 Things Americans Can Honestly Never Understand About Britain

And why this is so funny.

Burde ha gått til specsavers. That's the norwegian saying. The british is probably something like: Should have gone to specsavers

Sometimes I'm so proud to be British It took me a moment there

Call Autoglass

Funny pictures about Call Autoglass. Oh, and cool pics about Call Autoglass. Also, Call Autoglass photos.

24 Of The Funniest #GrowingUpBritish Tweets

24 Of The Funniest #GrowingUpBritish Tweets

*breaks leg* "Put a wet paper towel on it."<<omfg I remember my teacher saying that all the time

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