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Woodstock Taylor

right here / I sing, write songs and other things and coach.
Woodstock Taylor
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art 365. Quilt by Joan Colvin

An art quilt made by Joan Colvin. She's a master at combining commercial and hand dyed fabrics. I love the way things merge and meld and then re-emerge.

Twin Lancet Set  Luna and Celestia Stained por 0ShardsofColor0:

Stained Glass Princess Luna and Celestia from My Little Pony Print - Twin Lancet Set. Wish I still did actual stained glass, this would be an awesome project!

Catelyn Stark - Game of Thrones - Elin Jonsson

Catelyn Tully Stark - "The merciless mother" -- The women from Game Of Thrones imagined as Art Nouveau goddesses by illustrator Elin Jonsson, who takes them into the graphic universe of Mucha.

art nouveau firefly

Art Nouveau Firefly Prints Megan Lara—but has created these new Firefly Les Femmes prints from Qmx are on a whole new level of beautiful. The four poster set includes Inara Serra, Kaylee Frye, River.

I'd really love to know whose art this is!  Apparently it was available at Sherlock Seattle.

teabeforewar: Yet another Mucha-inspired piece for the letsdrawsherlock pile. Based on Alphonse Mucha’s “Dance.