TEA-POT plant containers .....

Tea pot planters hanging in the garden, Cool Idea. I don't have a stair like this, but hanging in the trees or along a picket fence, Very cute.

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Driftwood Succulent Garden by Viva Terra. Surf & sand-smoothed Oregon coast driftwood forms a compact, rustic exterior for this handcrafted planter.


In a Sedona-inspired landscape designed by Jamie Durie, an arrangement of colorful containers does the year-round work of maintaining color for this mostly succulent garden. LOVE the one in the red pot :-)

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Container Gardening - love this! Such a creative idea. Even better than Chia Pets.


Plant a container for a shady spot - Canadian Gardening - ‘Waterfall’ Japanese maple - Variegated umbrella grass - Silver Kabitan hosta - Club moss - Variegated English ivy - Button fern

Bunty's Balcony: Design Tips for Containers

Container Flower Gardening Ideas: A = Fountain Grass B = Portulaca (good ol' moss rose): Container Flower Gardening Ideas: Fountain Grass and Portulaca This is a pretty unusual container flower garden arrangement -- it has the look of a dried

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