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four different colored business cards with black, white, and orange designs on them sitting on a gray surface
The Private Space identity
Lo Siento on Behance
an orange and white business card sitting on top of a table next to a chair
'Nm' Brand Identity Design by Eunsun Park
Brand identity design by Eunsun Park for ‘Nm’, a Korean bar and bistro
many different colored business cards arranged on top of each other
New Logo & Branding for NAU by Design by Toko — BP&O
New Logo & Branding for NAU by Design by Toko — BP&O
a roll of blue tape sitting on top of a white and beige striped wallpaper
Stefanie Brückler
some business cards are stacked on top of each other with different colors and shapes in them
Seesaw – Hungry Workshop
Seesaw – The Hungry Workshop
three brown business cards with the words, billie and vegas written on them in black ink
Autumn '18 - Mood Board
the back side of a pink poster with green and white tyurals on it
beginnings.png by Jessica Strelioff
pink and green hand drawn
four business cards sitting on top of each other
Seesaw – Hungry Workshop
three different business cards with the name savat on one side and an arrow on the other
50 Minimal Business Cards That Prove Simplicity is Beautiful | Page 2 of 2 | Inspirationfeed
50 Minimal Business Cards That Prove Simplicity is Beautiful | Inspirationfeed - Part 2
the letter g is shown in an orange circle on a light pink background, and it appears to be made up of letters
Grey Areas
Grey Areas - The Blog Stop, modern, whimsical brand design, submark design
the word level is written in black and white on a plain background with a rectangle shape
Level on Locust — Romy Co.
Clean and chic modern logo design with sleek typography and simple geometric shapes. #monoline #logodesign #geometrioc #graphicdesign #clebrandan #modern #minimalist
the letter b is inscribed in black on a white background with an oval shape and a small
Minimalist logo design, modern branding, feminine design.
a green book cover with the words parlor sanss on it
Favorite Fonts of the Month : Vol 03 - Saffron Avenue
Modern Brand and Website Design - Modern Lettered Logo - Saffron Avenue - Favorite Fonts, Font Pairing, Calligraphy Font, Brand Fonts, script, serif font, modern, Inspiration, Modern Logo Design, Font Favorite, Typeface,