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Happiness only costs $8,000.

In China, animal rescuers paid around eight thousand dollars to buy all the dogs who were already in a truck on it's way to the slaughterhouse. This is a picture taken after they brought all the dogs to their animal rescue center.

+~+~ Vintage Photograph ~+~+  Two young women from the Philippines during the Japanese occupation. 1943

collective-history: Two beautiful Filipino women during the Japanese occupation of the Philippines,

The last Imperial House of Romanovs

The Romanov family of Russia. Ive always been fascinated with the story of anastasia. Sad ending for this family

Olive Oatman, who was held captive and tattooed by the Mohave Indians. The first white woman in the US to be tattooed (~1850s).

Olive Oatman was "the first white tattooed woman in the history of the United States." ~ Olive Oatman was 13 when she travelled from Illinois to California with her Mormon family. On the journey, the family wer