Pickles, ponies, and party dresses! Now THAT is a sketchbook! And the creator of these amazing “sketches”… Brooklyn based artist, illustrator, AND designer Danielle Kroll.

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Sleep Paralysis

One a day landscapes.

By artist, Martin Beek. The winter landscapes began in late October. They are often based around Ipsden or Oxfordshire locations

Textiles Sketchbook with mark making experiments; surface pattern development; art portfolio // Elizabeth Gracie

Textiles Sketchbook with mark making experiments; art portfolio // Elizabeth Gracie focusing on fabric - tweed textile?

Missy H. Dunaway — Nine years of painting in a sketchbook

mhdunaway: “ Before I begin a new painting tonight, I’ll post a rerun of two favorite pages. Text reads, “I’ve discovered that I have the gift to feel at home.