a wooden floor lamp on top of a hard wood floor next to a white wall
an empty room with tables and benches in the center, surrounded by hanging lights above
15 exhibitions and installations not to miss at Milan design week 2019
Milan design week guide to the best exhibitions and installations in 2019
the building is lit up at night in the snow
Gallery of Østerild Visitors and Operation Center / Cubo Arkitekter - 11
Østerild Visitors and Operation Center,© Martin Schubert
an empty room with tables and chairs in it
Phill's Corner — Prague, Czech Republic
Phill's Corner restaurant review - Prague, Czech Republic | Rough brick walls, which have been painted white, provide the base colour for the sensual, almost monochromatic appearance, while pale mint-green concrete floors add minimal tinge of colour #design #interiordesign #colour #prague #mustvisit
a living room filled with furniture next to a dining table
Gallery of Union Wharf / Nicholas Szczepaniak Architects - 24
Union Wharf,© Nicholas Worley
an image of a stage set with lights and sound equipment in the foreground, surrounded by palm trees
Carsten Höller creates pop-up club with two sides for Prada in Miami
The Prada Double Club Miami by Carsten Höller
the house is lit up at night with lights on it's windows and doors
Box House - Picture gallery 18
Box House - Picture gallery
a kitchen counter with a sink and some utensils
Loft Apartments in Moscow on Behance
two wooden and metal pendants hanging from black cords
CementWood Lamp by Thinkk Studio |
a gray and white light hanging from a black cord
A day in the land of nobody
CementWood lamp by Thinkk Studio.
there is a tall wooden pole in the middle of some bushes and plants near a wall
Floor mounted lighting fixture by PSLab.
an illuminated walkway in the dark with trees in the backgrounnd and blue sky
The Mülimatt footbridge oder the River Aare in Windisch/CH |
a black light hanging from the ceiling in a room with concrete walls and exposed ceilings
Site Specific Lighting by Good Animal
Good Animal - Meat & Bread (Victoria)