Alberto Giacometti Pen on paper

Alberto Giacometti Pen on paper - Love Giacomettis drawings and paintings.

Mike Parr - do timed frontal portrait gestures in various media, reference Giacometti.....line

luxology: “ Language and Chaos Mike Parr Mike Parr’s self portrait is one that attempts to map the interactions of mind and body, the conscious and the unconscious. It is not a solipsistic search for the self but rather an attempt to.

Alberto Giacometti--I went to see a retrospective of his work when I was in college. His work is AMAZING!!!

alberto_giacometti_mutter_im_atelier Alberto Giacometti Art paintings, sculptures, plastic arts, visual arts, art

Alberto Giacometti

Head of Diego II. - Alberto Giacometti (note composition of paint stopping just below neck, forming arch)

Giacometti Caroline

1964 By Alberto Giacometti, Oil on Canvas Photo of an original artwork taken at the St.