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sarah walker
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Find the old lady lick you're lips five times close you're eyes and make a wish share this photo and in the next two days it will happen :)

Oh well

I normally hate these things and I couldn't care less about the crush and the money, but my wish was far too important to risk the opposite happening.

Sorry I had too xx

I love my dad so much! (Btw I'm not pinning this cuz I think that girl not pinning it had anything to do with her dad passing, I'm pinning it cuz I love my dad

One Direction cover Event magazine

Doesn't Niall look beautiful in this picture? (: < he looks beautiful in every picture<< I bet he looks beautiful in real life too


Hahaha I am afraid this made me laugh harder than it was meant to! And I am pretty much Niall here. Just like no dancing in public. Although I'm like Harry in a way too!