Helmut Newton

Le Smoking by Yves Saint Laurent - Rue Aubriot, French Vogue
dalla serie White Women Paris 1975 Photo Helmut Newton Estate

Vivian Maier

The “nanny-photographer” Vivian Maier lived and died in obscurity, her thousands of images receiving attention only after her death.

Philip Lorca diCorcia

To create his Heads series, photographer Philip-Lorca diCorcia rigged a powerful strobe light to a scaffold high above the street in New York’s Times Square.

Philip-Lorca diCorcia

Philip Lorca Dicorcia is an American photographer born in he received a Master of Fine Arts in photography in 1979 and now lives a.

Philip-Lorca diCorcia, W, September 2001, #3 (2001)

W, September by Philip-Lorca diCorcia. Philip-Lorca diCorcia has become well known for his carefully planned and meticulously executed photogra.