Edward Burtynsky: Highway #1, Intersection 105 & 110, Los Angeles, California, USA 2003 © Edward Burtynsky.

Highway Intersection 105 & Los Angeles, California, USA, 2003 Photo by Edward Burtynsky ———————— Thursday, May 24 .

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'Shabolovka Radio Tower, Moscow, Russia' by English photographer Richard Pare The tower was designed in 1922 by Russian engineer & architect Vladimir Shukhov via arch daily

'SEVEN GALLONS of OIL are needed to produce each tire. Can you imagine... how much oil.. is sitting in that pile? by Edward Burtynsky. #Sustainable'

Edward Burtynsky Oxford tire Pile Westley, CA numbers. there has to be a math problem here.

Mitch Epstein, Amos coal fired power station, Winfield, Virgina, USA , 2007/

Iker Gil and Andrew Clark interview photographer Mitch Epstein, author of "American Power"