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a person's shoes are shown on the edge of a railing
Iceland travel guide
Jane in Westmann Islands, Iceland
two people are sitting on a deck with their feet propped up in front of the water
All about Turkey
Jonny in Bodrum, Turkey
person's feet in front of bar with marsaio sign on wall behind them
Tina in Osteria Marsalino in Bologna
a person's feet in the middle of an alleyway with brick arches and cobblestones
Tina in Ferrara's oldest medieval street
two people laying on the beach with their feet in the sand
All about Brighton
Victoria on the beach in Brighton
Martina in West Sussex Boots, Rain Boots, Hunter Boots, Rubber Rain Boots
Martina in West Sussex
someone is sitting on the rocks by the water with their feet in the sand and wearing sandals
All about Helsinki
Jane on the rocks of Suomenlinna Fortress in Helsinki, Finland
a person's feet resting on a railing overlooking a harbor and mountains in the background
Designer's delight: Shopping in Cape Town - World Travel Guide
Jane maxin' and relaxin' on the hotel terrace in Cape Town with nothing but Table Mountain for company
a person with their feet up on the edge of a ledge near water and rocks
Welcome to Dubrovnik
Tina in Dubrovnik harbour
a person's feet sticking out from the top of a building with rooftops
Welcome to Dubrovnik
Tina in Dubrovnik
a woman's feet with purple nail polish standing in front of clear blue water
Cuba travel guide
Martina in Cuba
a person's feet are sitting on a porch overlooking the water
Home - World Travel Guide
Martina in Fethiye, Turkey
a person laying on the ground with their feet up in front of some lounge chairs
Colin in San Antonio, Ibiza
a person's feet in sandals on the beach with water and boats in the background
Home - World Travel Guide
Coralie on the French Riviera
a person with their feet up in the air looking down at a valley and mountains
Home - World Travel Guide
Jonny on the Inca Trail, Peru.