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two gorillas are sitting in the middle of some tall grass and trees, one is looking at the camera
Rwanda rediscovered - World Travel Guide
Rwanda has one of the world's largest gorilla populations. You can get pretty close to them at Volcanoes National Park.
a polar bear standing on an ice floet looking out at the water and land
Cruising gets cool - World Travel Guide
Polar bears are spotted frequently during a cruise through the Arctic.
Wildlife encounter in Patagonia, Chile Marvel, Peru, Animals, Picchu, Llamas, Turismo, Alpacas, Voyage, Trip
Home - World Travel Guide
Wildlife encounter in Patagonia, Chile
a turtle swimming in the ocean with blue water around it's back and head
Home - World Travel Guide
Diving in Egypt
a monkey sitting on top of a stone wall next to a bell and building with the words year of money bill written above it
24 hours in: Kathmandu - World Travel Guide
Explore Swayambhunath, aptly nicknamed the Monkey Temple, on the outskirts of Kathmandu. We've got more suggestions for a 24-hour jaunt to Nepal's vibrant capital.
a tiger is laying down on the ground
India travel guide
Panna National Park, India
a close up of a lion laying in the grass
Lions amongst the fynbos: South Africa’s Garden Route safari - World Travel Guide
Gondwana Private Game Reserve
two people riding camels in the snow
Camel riders in the Gobi desert...
a camel standing in the snow with mountains in the background
A rail journey into the heart of Mongolia - World Travel Guide
Camel in snowy Mongolia
a white and brown dog with blue eyes looking through a wire fence in the snow
Lapland beyond the Northern Lights - World Travel Guide
Husky dog in Finnish Lapland
a lion walks through the tall grass with flowers on it's back legs and head
Lions amongst the fynbos: South Africa’s Garden Route safari - World Travel Guide
Lion at Gondwana Private Game Reserve, South Africa
a hippopotamus in the water surrounded by other hippos with their mouths open
Botswana: A tale of two safaris - World Travel Guide
Wallowing hippos in Botswana