Complete guide to photographing Northern Lights for beginners. Including sample camera settings and practical tips.

How To Photograph Northern Lights - Tips for Beginners

Wondering how to photograph Northern Lights? Learn everything from aurora hunting tips to simple camera settings for best Northern Lights photography.

Near Storslett, Norway

Camping under the northern lights, Troms County / Norway (by. - Its a beautiful world - note: Winter camping - it's a thing

Aurora : Norway

Aurora Borealis above the Arctic Cathedral, Tromsø, Norway. This is a Church of Norway cathedral.

Spiral Aurora and Winter Tree, Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada. Photo by Nori Sakamoto.

Spiral Aurora and Winter Tree Incredible Aurora Photo by Nori Sakamoto Yellowknife, Northwest Territories/Canada.

Best Countries to See the Northern Lights

Manitoba, Canada, is a particularly terrific spot for viewing the northern lights, as it experiences aurora activity more than 300 nights per year

Lofoten Islands, Norway.

Would love to add this to my bucket list! A powerful outburst of auroras over the open sea at Eggum on the Lofoten islandsin Norway. Picture by Bjorn Jorgensen

~~The Northern Lights turn the sky green and red at Mo i Rana ~ Nordland county, Norway by Tommy Eliassen / Barcroft Media~~


The Northern Lights turn the sky green and red at Mo i Rana, Norway - by Tommy Eliassen