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Machi-Building / UID Architects

© Hiroshi Ueda Architects: UID Architects Location: Fukuyama, Hiroshima, Japan Design Team: Keisuke Maeda Year: 2011 Area: sqm Site Area:


Architecture - Glass Reading Room — My only worry? UV damage to the books. Hope those windows have museum-grade


The RedBall Project

Artist Kurt Perschke’s RedBall Project is a sculptural installation traveling around the globe, adopting cities as its canvas. Perschke uses RedBall to explore each city’s unique architectural.


The RedBall Project

A Big Red Ball Tucked in Unexpected Places: The Redball Project via Jeannie jeannie

LG – So Real, It’s Scary | feel desain

LG - So Real, It's Scary

LG – So Real, It’s Scary | feel desain

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