Absolutely love this from Helen Beard - love that the internal work adds a nice touch.

Helen Beard, ceramic bangle (could connect with history - present day versus past. Or present day versus future view)

Tracy Emin. I loved this chair and concept when I saw it. Great idea and lovely object steeped in memory, future and travel!

Tracey Emin's iconic art

Tracy Emin's There's A Lot Of Money In Chairs, 1994 - would be great in studio!

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"This Too Shall Pass" by Sophie Wellan" response to a period in her life when two of her children were hospitalized for long periods of time after suffering traumatic accidents.

Dorcas Casey. Recycled fabric.

The Cutting & (Stitching Edge) - Dorcas Casey

Augustė Chocianaitė meets Dorcas Casey Dreams have been surrounded by myths and beliefs within different cultures since time immemorial. Young sculpture artist, Dorcas Casey harnesses the power of …

sophie myfanwy wellan

sophie myfanwy wellan