Architecture Attic Roof Balcony / Dormer Window

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Architecture Attic Roof Balcony / Dormer Window

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4 Amazing Cool Tricks: A Frame Attic Ideas attic apartment loft.Old Attic Remodel.

Loft Conversion Case Studies | London Loft Conversions

See what makes Balcony Systems Juliet balconies so popular. Juliet Balcony that has all the advantages.

Juliet Balcony Glass Juliette Balcony 1280mm wide

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Coziness and Good Taste Showcased by 7-Room Stockholm Duplex |

Collect this idea When it comes to large (okay, very large) apartments, coziness is a factor that is not usually taken into consideration. We were pleasantly surprised to see this 7-room, 340 square meter apartment in Stockholm (found on Skeppsholmen) exuding so much warmth. The unusual home takes up the last two floors of a …

Issues of Air leaks mean issues with moisture inside walls - and moisture inside walls means mould, mould spores, and unhealthy air - and moisture in wood can result in dry rot, which is a big structural issue to avoid

Building Science: Heat Movement

Rooms over attached garages, which can be uncomfortably hot or cold depending on the season, are a perfect example of how heat moves from warmer spaces to colder spaces, by taking the path of least resistance. Typically, the problem is that poor insulation and air-sealing details allow unconditioned outside air to mix with conditioned interior air. This makes these rooms difficult to heat and cool. Rooms that include attic spaces, such as those behind a knee wall, are often a problem for the…

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Roof Ventilation to prevent Condensation and moisture behind walls in Cold Climates (when the air inside is warm, and laden with moisture, and outside air is close to freezing with very little moisture - then dew forms inside the wall cavity)