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    Sorting Baskets Phonics Activity

    Phonics 1 Phonics/Alphabet Baskets Sorting Activity (from The Imagination Tree) Make baskets with objects that sound like a specific letter. Give the students a basket and let them practice their phonics skills by naming the objects.

    Reading - HFW Ring Around A Bottle - students toss the ring and say the word if they land on one

    Sight Words Ring Around A Bottle - students toss the ring and say the word if the ring lands one of the bottles.

    Do it with Math

    Check out 'Fun Phonics' to see Bouncy Blending in action and check out their other ideas while you're there!

    What the Teacher Wants!: Ideas for CVC Blending

    Real or nonsense words or trash or treasure! You simply write letters on plastic cups (I, of course, used Red Solo Cups). I can easily switch any of the sounds out and my student can blend the new word. It works on real words and nonsense words

    Use with sounds or numbers too

    Our favourite phonic activity that can be adapted to practise anything and everything! Chalk your words on the ground, hand out a wet brush, call out a word and watch them wash it away!

    Real or nonsense word dab. Using bingo dabbers makes learning so much fun!

    Spring Activities {Kindergarten Literacy and Math Centers}

    This product is now part of a BUNDLE: Monthly Centers Bundle Spring Activities for Kindergarten contains literacy and math centers with a spring theme.

    This could be done with sight words, numbers, letters of the alphabet, etc!

    Literacy centers - the first six months sight word swat as a literacy centre. Dollar tree has giant fly swatters!