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Saul Steinberg

morphene-gimlet: “tamburina: “ Saul Steinberg & Inge Morath Ogni dipintore dipinge se, a Renaissance maxim ran: every painter paints himself. Steinberg’s peculiar achievement has been to render this.

from Inge Morath & Saul Steinberg’s Mask series in the Foam Magazine.

Interesting work from Inge Morath & Saul Steinberg’s Mask series spotted in the always inspiring Foam Magazine.

Masquerade | look at that lace pattern and the form! Stunning

I predict that the next big fashion makeup will be masks, this oozes class and steampunk culture. Match with feather eye lashes and its a winner. Clipped from Stacy, thanks. Painted on mask - very cool idea!

SEDNA'S GIFTS  Sedna, legend tells, was a beautiful girl who lived by the sea. Although many courted her, she would not leave her widowed father, and refused them all. But one day, a raven disguised as a handsome man came to her. He promised her a better life - and best of all, he promised he would also provide for her father. And so, full of hope, Sedna left with him.   But he took her instead to a desolate island, where she was cold and hungry. When her father came at last to visit, he…

Sedna Mask - Great Ocean Mother of the Inuit People by Lauren Raine