Pottery techniques

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a bunch of hats that are drawn in pencil on paper, with different shapes and sizes
Lidded Vessels
Lidded Vessels – The Claybucket
the instructions for how to make a teapot
Pottery Illustrated: Placement of Spouts and Handles
Shapes, Manualidades, Ceramica, Antique Vase
Nomenclature et méthode de description pour l’étude des céramiques ...
an old paper with some type of writing on it that is written in cursive ink
various lid designs
a brown cup sitting on top of a wooden table
coffee cups and mugs are drawn in black ink on white paper, with the words cups and mugs below them
the teapot design tips page is shown with information about how to make it and what to use it
FREE Teapot Design Tips
Looking for tips on designing a great teapot? Check out this resource that highlights key design characteristics. This resource is from the 100-page book called "Clay Matters: A Go-To Guide for Ceramics Teachers and Students" CLAY MATTERS: A Go-To Gu...
the different types of vases and their designs are shown in this diagram, which shows how
Decorative Pottery Patterns | Photograph | Wisconsin Historical Society
Decorative Pottery Patterns
an image of various vases and bowls in different sizes, shapes and colors on a white background
The Project Gutenberg eBook of How to Observe in Archaeology, by Various
Illustration XIII: Egyptian Pottery Types
various types of bowls and their names in english, chinese, and japanese words are shown here
a person is working on a white bowl
Spiral slip in detail- The song is "Hero" by @familyoftheyear. Sometimes when I'm throwing, I'll just put this song on repeat, it's so pretty, and I find the lyrics so meaningful. Here's what I'm doing in the video-- Previously I'd made a video that showed throwing a bowl, and then adding slip to the rim to create a spiral effect. In this video I'm focusing just on the slip application, at a slower speed so you can get a better look at it. After the bowl has set up over night, I add about...
a group of clay sculptures sitting on top of a cement planter next to a building
Totem Poles - Ceramic creations
many different colored and shaped buttons hanging on a wall
Ceramic Arts Network
This simple project generates a lot of interest and creativity for beginning students, while teaching the technical aspects of decorating clay in the plastic and leather-hard states. Working on the small medallions was considerably less intimidating than a large project, and students later incorporated various decoration methods into their pottery.