slip decorated plates

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a black and white plate with designs on it
Mark Daley wall platter, slip decorated, stencilled and trailed.
three blue and white plates sitting on top of a wooden table next to each other
plates and utensils are arranged on a table
Plates set🫧
three orange and blue plates sitting on top of a white table cloth next to each other
諏佐知子/SU-CO website
a blue and white plate sitting on top of a table
three white plates with an owl design on the front and two silverware holders behind them
Porcelain Plates and Stencils by StencilGirl Guest Designer Vanessa Spencer
Step-by-Step tutorial by Vanessa Spencer showing you how to make your own custom Porcelain plates with StencilGirl stencils.
a white plate with green leaves painted on the front and side, sitting on a wooden surface
a black and white plate with a bird sitting on a tree branch painted on it
Easy diy home decor. $1 plate + sharpie.. I'm addicted