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London, by Jamey Cristoph.    (This ratio is me in a nutshell--posh, posh, posh, posh, posh, PUNK.)
Soo Catwoman, legendary London punk, 1976, Ray Stevenson
punk london
punk fashion - mohawk, leather, studs, etc.
Punk rockers!!! My halloween costume several times!!
It's wonderful to see that despite the whole studs and spikes fad in fashion that punks still create their own clothes. :)
The punk subculture is often vulnerable to society’s tendency to over-react and cause a kind of hysteria about the threat these young people apparently pose to society (Haenfler 2014, p. 9). The media often perpetuates negative stereotypes of young punks and subsequently many people outside the subculture also take on these views. While being a part of the punk subculture can actually be very positive, moral panics cause it to be seen as nothing but a breeding ground for trouble and…
Well hey I'd like to meet you:)
I've never really been fond of liberty spikes, but these aren't really that bad.