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Fatima Karolia

Fatima Karolia
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Curly AND Straight Hair probs. people think strait hair is lucky. Try having it!

Curly vs Straight Hair [ "Curly vs Straight Hair I was on board until they recommended a round bristle brush to straighten curls. Has anyone else had to cut out a round bristle brush from their angry curls?


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I wonder what goes through your head....

I wonder what you think when you hear my name. Do you think that nerdy girl I met at camp? Or the one girl that was in love with me? Or the only other one there that was remotely sane? If I'm really lucky you hear my name and smile.

But I'll settle for every second of the time we have together :) JPDFXR

Your smile. Your eyes. The way you laugh. The way you talk. The way you walk. I could stare at you forever.

I sure do! I catch you looking at me often, and you always put a smile on my face. Joseph W Shields. Always n& Forever.

I love when u stare at me when I look over at you. And just stare right into my eyes and smile. It makes me melt and my heart just feels complete