Rachael Williamson

Rachael Williamson

Rachael Williamson
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Dorm-friendly Christmas DIY decor

Snowman Pallet sign, Christmas Sign, Snowman decor, Hand painted Snowman decorations by RusttooRuffles

What I do, because I don't like is the competitive nature of some women. We are all doing our best, support and encourage.

It's time to become the most courageous person you know. No more waiting--learn the keys to creating courageous habits that will change your life.

Courageous living starts here. Shift self-imposed limitations, develop a daily courage practice, and go from "dreaming" big to actually LIVING big (now).

Cheryl Cole <3

Um, I kind of just wish I was her. Using gold concentrate, and 20 volume cream; Apply color from roots to ends; Process under heat for 15 minutes and 20 minutes; Emulsify, Rinse hair until water runs clear, shampoo and condition.