Umbert Eco - The Bomb and the General

The Bomb and the General: A Vintage Semiotic Children’s Book by Umberto Eco circa 1966

The Bomb and the General, Umberto Eco children's book, demonstrating a 'closed text' designed to facilitate acquisition of signs and symbols in kiddie brains. And gorgeously illustrated with a pro-peace message.

Umber to Eco - The Three Astronauts

The Three Astronauts: Umberto Eco’s Lovely Vintage Semiotic Children’s Book About the Role of Space Exploration in World Peace

The Three Astronauts: A Vintage Semiotic Children’s Book about Tolerance by Umberto Eco – Brain Pickings

Daniel Doppsko (via Fine Little Day)... Were it in English

Stig Lindberg, 1959 Daniel Doppsko - Swedish children's book by Lennart Hellsing, illustrations by Stig Lindberg. via Stockholm Stream

The Fir Tree: Sanna Annukka illustrates Hans Christian Andersen

The Fir Tree: Sanna Annukka illustrates Hans Christian Andersen

I Want My Hat Back - Jon Klassen

By Jon Klassen. The witty account of a bear seeking out his lost hat; the are studded with subtle clues.

Operation Alphabet

OPERATION ALPHABET Gorgeous faux-vintage looking book (great gift book) but fun for the children too. There's a singing alphabet app on itunes which links up with this too.

Oh No George - Chris Haughton

Book: Oh No, George! Author: Chris Haughton ( Pages: 32 Age Range: 2 and up Oh No, George! by Chris Haughton is an excellent choice for preschoolers, particularly those who like dogs. George is a big dog who lives with.

Saul Bass - Henri's Walk to Paris

For Joseph - beautiful illustrations