Diu, India

One of the colorful doors of Diu, India. Diu is a small town in west India, and its cheap drinks and Portuguese history make it a must-see for all travelers in India.

Colourful door in Piedmont, Italy

Bright colours adorn this charming front door!

Whether it's munching champagne truffles in Switzerland, or indulging in Mary Pralines in Belgium, chocolate lovers are spoilt for choice when it comes to travel. But for real aficionados, finding the off-the-beaten-track cafes, or the places where the locals shop isn't always easy. With that in mind, Love Home Swap has compiled this Chocolate Lover's Travel Guide - showcasing the world's most tempting must-visit destinations.

The world's top destinations for chocoholics

Colorful Houses in La Havana. http://www.lastfrontiers.com/cuba/regions/havana-and-the-west

Colorful Houses in La Havana

World Map - is that all there is? https://society6.com/product/world-map-rainbow-swi_print?curator=yazrajadesigns #alllivesmatter #aniamsl #humans #onelove

World Map - RAINBOW Art Print

Eclectic Neals Yard-,London  * We ate at this colorful corner café  A quirky fun spot off Covent Gardens, cute cafes & shops!

London Neal's Yard - Covent Garden a unique and colorful shopping area lined with ‘slow food’ and ‘raw-centric’ cafes

g y p s i e s i n m a r r o c o - holiday vibes

g y p s i e s i n m a r r o c o - holiday vibes

Sydney - Australia - a street of bird cages hanging between the houses!  This is such a cool thing to see! #thebucketlistlife

Michael Hill - "Forgotten Songs" - Installation in Angel Place, Sydney. It combines bird cages and bird songs of the specific breeds of birds native to Angel Place before the arrival of Europeans.

Islamic Art and Quotes

The Kaaba - Saudi Arabia


outdoor plants in Caorle, Veneto, Italy So beautiful!