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British guards check on prisoners in a barrack block at a camp for SS, Luftwaffe and civilian women prisoners of war at Vilvoorde on the outskirts of Brussels.

Women prisoners

Women prisoners

I am designing a dress or jumpsuit for woman in prison, this picture is showing woman ashamed of to be pictured in prison

Women Prisoners Sterilized To Cut Welfare Costs In California TELLMENOW.COM Well, this is a story I never thought I’d be reading. In California of all places, prison doctors have sterilized over 150 women.

Gorgeous Hamsa by Irina Smilansky via Etsy I love anything with a Hamsa on it be it jewelry, for the home, a book, a scarf ect

Hamsa Necklace Gift Jewelry Protection Hand Of Fatima Evil Eye Rhinestone Judaica Jewelry Vintage Necklace Hanukkah

mixed media acrylic, with clooage,sculptural elements,resins and foils

Kimberly Pratt, contemporary abstract paintings mixed media acrylic, with collage, sculptural elements, resins and foils