These sketchbook pages are the unequivocal result of effort, passion and enthusiasm.

Textiles and Fashion Design Sketchbooks - 20 Inspirational Examples

London Towers by Cheism nice use of layering felt tips

London Towers Art Print

London Towers Art Print - This print would look really nice in a picture frame on a wall!

vitsoe - Google Search

Design Inspiration // Wolfgang Schmidt – 620 Chair Programme poster for Vitsoe Furniture, 1972

Architecture student shows 2012: The Bartlett School of Architecture

Architecture student shows The Bartlett School of Architecture

Machine for Living Fablulously - MatthewSchneider

Anywhere, Earth Studio Objective: This studio will reverse engineer the “Chippendale Skyscraper” to invent a new institution that actively engages with furniture forms. Beginning with found furniture pieces, we will investigate its formal logics, .

Laboratoire Urbanisme Insurrectionnel: Rem KOOLHAAS | Génie Réactionnaire

Drawings from Famous Architects' Formative Stages to be Exhibited in St. Louis,Alex Wall, Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA), The Pleasure of Architecture, Image Courtesy of Kemper Art Museum

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