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the Patrician. Undisputed ruler of Ankh-Morepork. One man, one vote. He is the man. He has the vote.

Vimes   he is the night. Haven't read/listened to much of Discworld, and due to audiobooks and mother who doesn't know the order we started at the end but it is amazing and I actually need to read the whole series I'm insane ok :)

Vimes: he is the night > Batman would get beaten up so bad if he set foot in Ankh-Morpork dressed up like a bat!

Greebo// Paul Kidby Discworld art

It’s Greebo! Paul Kidby is a longtime illustrator of British author Terry Pratchett’s satirical fantasy Discworld novels, and one of my favorite works by him is this “Something Wicked This Way Comes”.


12 Things To Expect When You Start Reading “Discworld” If you haven’t already read Terry Pratchett’s phenomenal series, you’re going to need.(rest in peace Terry.

Discworld Ales

Discworld Ales

Discworld Ales - Inspired by Terry Pratchett's hugely popular series, these 4 delicious ales range in style and come beautifully presented.